Often times, I joke about how Candelles is my child. I've nurtured it from a tiny little concept in my kitchen many years back, watched it blossom and grow into something truly special, and it'll always be so near and dear to my heart. But come on now, FOUR YEARS. I'm ugly crying. My "baby" is almost half a decade old and time has just flown right by. It's emotional looking back on where we started, but it also brings peace because we've made it through those hard, sleepless nights and every second of it was always worth it.

I honestly never ever imagined that Candelles would become more than a side project, let alone be where we are today when I first opened up shop. I remember that our first Black Friday sale was just a few weeks after opening, and we partnered with a flash sale site. We sold about 30 candles that day and our minds were BLOWN. 30 people actually want something we're just making in our little home? I get the opportunity to fill 30 homes with light and warmth? That idea touched me in a way that I'll remember forever. The moment I realized that a simple, therapeutic hobby could also bring happy moments to so many others was the moment I realized I never wanted to look back.
Fast forward to this year, and we are now planning on fifth Black Friday sale! Every year, our expectations have been exceeded, and we are now sending our candles to homes in the thousands. Talk about mind blown.

This year has been one of the greatest yet! We have been scaling up and recently moved into a warehouse space that'll help us take on so much growth. We were featured on Good Morning America and were presented with a $10,000 grant from VistaPrint! We've exceeded a huge goal of maintaining at least 100 stockists worldwide and aren't stopping there. We have worked on dozen of collaboration projects, which even fueled our newest sister company, The Candle Creative, to be launched!

None of this would be possible without the support of you though. Our customers are our core, and without your encouragement and love for everything we do, we certainly would not be here today.
So, thank you friends. Thank you so much.
Now let's celebrate! If you haven't yet, follow us on Instagram and join in on all the fun. We're hosting a giveaway a day starting today through Friday. We've got our fun Birthday Cake candles for sale this week only. We're sharing throwbacks and extra behind the scenes. We're also giving away #candellesforayear to one lucky grand prize winner!
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