A Day In The Life: Alexa LeConche

Every once in a while while scrolling through Internetland we'll stumble across a lady who is living her best life - who is authentically herself, bringing joy to the world, and whose love for Candelles shines so brightly we can't help but be pulled in and want to know more -- that's exactly how we feel about Alexa LeConche. 
Alexa is a Connecticut based lifestyle blogger, her blog She's Glitter and Gold is a source of daily inspiration in the areas of beauty, personal style, and travel and we just can't get enough!
We wanted to get to know more about Alexa - what does a typical day look like in her world?  We are so excited that she was willing to share exactly that with us!

6:00 AM – Wake up before Viktor and the pups to get a 45 min spin session in.  My favorite part about this (when I actually do wake up) is that I barely remember it happened so it’s like, a sneaky workout before my brain is fully awake. 

7:00 AM – Head back upstairs where Aubrey is eagerly waiting for me.  She’s an 11 year old malamute and definitely an early riser – however the only reason she doesn’t sleep in is because she wants to get her walk in so she can have some breakfast.  When I come back in from my walk with Aubrey, Norm finally gets up.  He’s a 3 year old rescue mix, and in typical younger child style he slowly wakes up, stretches, and meanders down the stairs to go out. 

 7:30 AM – After both pups are walked, I feed them and start making breakfast for Viktor and I.  Typically it’s sautéed onions + sunny side up eggs on an everything bagel for both of us.

8:00 AM
– Finally start getting ready for work.  This usually consists of playing some music on my record player while I do my hair and makeup. 

8:30 AM – Change into work clothes, make Vik and I lattes.

8:45 AM – Head off to work. 

9:00 AM – Arrive at work, go through my emails, and get ready for today’s cases.  I work in a courthouse so every day is different as far as the case load, but it helps to read through them in advance. 

9:30 AM – Head into court, most days it’s virtual from my desk which is great. 

1:00 PM – Finally time for lunch!  I have an hour lunch break so I usually head home to visit Aubrey + Norm and let them out.  After I walk them, I make all three of us smoothies.  For the pups I add varied cut up fruits to give their lunch an extra crunch. 

2:00 PM – Back at work, and usually heading back into court for the rest of the afternoon.

5:00 PM – Back at home and so grateful for it.  This is when I typically light a Candelles candle (9 times out of 10 it’s Amber and Vanilla or Sweet Vanilla, they’re my favs and just smell like home to me).


5:15 PM
– Walk + feed Aubrey and Norm dinner. 

5:30 PM – Head back downstairs for my second workout… that sounds like I’m overachieving but I promise it’s more like the “weight” component of my workout for the day.  I only break it down into Abs, Legs, or Arms.

6:30 PM – By the time I come back upstairs the wax has pooled and the house is flooded with my favorite scent.  I heat up some dinner and settle into the couch to watch Netflix and relax for a bit while I eat. 

7:30 PM
– Head upstairs to shower + do my skincare routine. I also bring my candle upstairs so when I get out of the shower my bedroom smells nice and fresh!

8:00 PM – Climb into bed to watch another episode or two on Netflix or read.  I’ve been big into crime novels lately but sometimes I need a Netflix break in between books!  

10:00 PM – Finally shut everything off, blow my candle out and head to bed (the earlier I fall asleep, the more likely I am to wake up for spin the next morning!) 

We absolutely loved getting a peek into Alexa's world!  If you've enjoyed this and want to connect with her, be sure to follow along with her on Instagram @alexaleconche and check out her blog She's Glitter and Gold.


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    Alexa is the best! She’s so down to earth and I love her style (and her pups!) She is really inspiring and it’s nice to see another CT gal sharing her life, her home and her fashion with us! Rock on, Alexa! Thank you so much for this “Day in the Life” of one of my fave local bloggers! 😊💕

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