About The Collection: Winter

So the holidays have settled and you're finally tucking away all of the decorations, setting your intention on the new year and all of it's lovely possibilities, and cozying up with loved ones while we anxiously wait now for the weather to break.

Our Winter Collection embodies every aspect of that. With clean, warm scents blended with earthy notes to get your excited for everything to bloom, these candles will be the perfect addition to your sweet home vibes. And because we all know that this "staying at home" jawn can get stale real quick, allow us to refresh and rejuvenate your most loved spaces.

In this segment, we'll be detailing each of the candles launching in our upcoming Winter Collection launch, which goes live this Friday, January 29th at 12PM EST!

First, let's welcome back some of our biggest customer favorites:
Blackberry Sage and Gingered Bergamot!

Gingered Bergamot is truly a breath of fresh air.
It has a complex, unisex blend that could easily become a favorite for anyone in your household. It gives off a strong throw featuring primary notes of bergamot and ginger, an earthy blend of sandalwood and cedar, sitting on base notes of patchouli and basil. This scent has a touch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and just the right amount of herbal goodness. We find this candle best suited in bathrooms, guest bedrooms, laundry rooms, and home offices.
Blackberry Sage is a burst of sunshine & fruity delight.
One of our biggest seasonal favorites, this scent is everything you need to make your space feel bright and magical, on even the gloomiest of days. Primarily a fruit centered throw, this candle starts with notes of blackberry, raspberry and orange zest and blends with intriguing earthy notes of white sage, violet, rose petals, and nutmeg, all sitting atop of a base throw of sage leaves and clover. While this may feel all grown up, Blackberry Sage is always a hit with the kiddos too! We find this candle best suited in kitchens, living rooms, rec rooms, and bedrooms.

And now, let's meet our two newest additions!

Peppercorn Pomander is spiced magic.
Introducing one of our newest blends, this candle is the perfect way to say goodbye to the holiday season. With a touch of spice blended oh so perfectly with a refreshing citrusy throw, it's such a great season transition candle! It starts with notes of orange peel and peppercorn, mixed with the sweetness of apples and mandarins, sitting on an earthy base throw of tonka. Don't let the idea of peppercorn fool you, this spicy scent is absolutely a must-have! We find this candle best suited in kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.
Mahogany Shea is cozy like your favorite blanket.
To round off this irresistible collection, we wanted to curate the most cozy of creamy, earthy blends there is. And let me tell you, this candle is it! Starting with a beautiful throw of almond, shea and coconut mixed with a woodsy blend of sandalwood, cedar, and tonka, our newest Mahogany Shea candle is just what you need to snuggle up with a good book and get lost for a while. We find this candle best suited in living rooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms.

And there you have it, y'all. Our Winter Collection. These candles will be launching this Friday, January 29th at 12PM EST!
Because you took the time to learn about each one, we want to thank you with a little something something. Take 10% off your launch day order with coupon code "BLOGSPECIAL", good through 2/5/2021. Now tell us in the comments below which scent you are most excited for!


  • Posted by Michelle on

    I’m most excited for gingered bergamot and mahogany sage, but tbh they all sound amazing and I’m going to buy them all if I’m able!

  • Posted by Abby on

    Peppercorn pomander and mahogany Shea both sound divine!

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