Creating The Perfect Signature Scent For Your Home

If you’ve made it to our blog, one thing is for sure: you’re a candle person (and candle people are our kinda people). There’s no denying the magic and ambiance that the flickering glow of your favorite candle adds to your home, paired with the beautiful release of fragrance that enlivens your senses and brings a feeling of serenity and joy.

Candles are absolutely incredible for instilling
that serene sense of “home”. 
But have you ever considered that you can take that love of candles and use it as a tool to create a signature scent for your space? There are so many benefits to having a signature scent in your home. From cultivating a strong sense of comfort and emotional wellbeing, to “wowing” your guests, having a signature scent in your home is a wonderful way to create a cohesive experience throughout your home. Just like choosing your favorite perfume, making a decision on how you would like your home to be experienced through the sense of smell requires some thought.

Here are our top three tips for finding the perfect signature scent for your space!

Set the Mood

Bow chicka bow bow ;).  No, but really!  The first step to landing on your home’s signature scent is to consider the mood that you want to evoke in your home!  Fragrance plays a HUGE role in our moods - just think about it!  When you have had a long or particularly stressful day you might find yourself reaching for the calming tones of lavender like what you’ll find in our Lavender Sage candle.  When the sun is shining and you just want to capture some of that energy, you may reach for an invigorating citrus scent such as our Mint Nectarine.  Or when you want to feel bright and romantic you just might reach for our new spring Peony Blossoms fragrance. 

Learn Your Favorite Fragrance Notes

Have you ever noticed that you tend to gravitate toward certain fragrance profiles?  Personally, I love bright fruity and floral scents and find myself gravitating toward those scent profiles most often.  Understanding what notes you’re drawn to is crucial to finding your home’s signature scent.  The best way to discover your favorite notes is to experience different scents and see which ones resonate with you the most.  On our website we have all of our candles organized by fragrance type to help you narrow down which candles are best if you’re attracted to clean, fruity, herbal, masculine, spicy, or sweet scents - taking some of the guess work out of choosing new fragrances.

Mix It Up!

Our candles are great on their own, but they’re even better together!  One of my personal favorite ways to experience candles is to pair them!  Layering fragrances in this way truly creates a beautiful and unique experience, which is exactly what we’re after when curating a signature scent for our homes!  Some of my favorite candle pairings include Relax + Pink Champagne, Freshly Brewed + Vanilla and Cedar, and Peony Blossoms and Citrus and Thyme from our new spring collection.  When it comes to pairing candles the possibilities truly are endless, it all depends on what you’re hoping to evoke - we encourage you to play around and have fun with this!
Above all, have fun!  Finding your home's signature scent is a fun exploration into your senses, allowing you the opportunity to curate your dream space in a way that appeals to more of your senses and creates a more well-rounded experience whenever you're in your space.  We hope that these tools prove to be useful in the quest for finding your signature home scent!  Already nailed down your home's signature fragrance?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 


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