I recently sent a group text to some of my best girlfriends and said “Did we… yeah, I think we just made it through winter.” Between weather, sick kids, more weather, and even more sick kids, this past winter has been a doozy. As we finally welcome Spring, I can’t help but think about how much this cycle of the changing seasons mimics life. Things are constantly changing, growing, appearing or disappearing.

And if we’re longing for the past or waiting a little too anxiously for the future, the reality is that we’re missing out on actually living our lives.

Embracing life no matter the stage or season is typically so much easier said than done. I remember in high school feeling like, “Well, when I get to college, things will be better because of x, y, and z.” Then in college, I remember thinking, “Well, college is great, but when I graduate and get married and get a job, then things will be really good.” Once that happened, it was “When we decide to have kids and get pregnant, then that’ll be the best.”

Now, I’ve gone to and graduated from college. I’ve gotten married. And we have three sweet little girls. And this season is full of snuggles and giggles, kisses and stick people family drawings, tears and meltdowns, tantrums and timeouts.

And sometimes, I find myself thinking:

“Things will be easier once the girls are older…”

“When everyone’s potty trained, then we’ll be able to really start enjoying things.”

“Oh man… I wish I could spend a Sunday like I used to in college - sleeping in, watching TV and getting takeout! No more weekend naps for me!”

And so on. And then it struck me... by constantly wishing for the future or mourning a season that has passed, I’m missing out on the beauty of the season that I’m currently blessed to be living right now in this very moment. Of course there are hard things about this stage (see: tantrums above), but there are also really awesome things; like those sweet drawings and letters, complete with backward letters and sounded out words.

By focusing on the things I am grateful for each and every day, it allows me to more fully embrace the season I’m in and savor the sweetness that comes, even amidst the difficulties. As we welcome a new season on the calendar, I hope that you’re able to welcome whatever season you’re in right now in life, too.

Now go ahead, I dare you! Tell me some of the best parts of the season you’re currently in! And if you’re brave, tell me about the hardest parts so we can all relate.


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