Mix & Match: Blackberry Sage

Have you ever found yourself exploring the pages of our website and thinking "my goodness, this candle fragrance sounds almost good enough to eat!"?  Well, friends - you're not the only ones!  We put tremendous intention into curating unique and delicious fragrances that dance in the background of your life, but as we pour our candles in candleland we too recognize that these delicious pairings deserve to be experienced in more ways than one!
Which is how we got the crazy idea to craft a custom cocktail inspired by one of our favorite winter candles: blackberry sage!
This delicious cocktail is fruity + refreshing with a subtle herbal goodness - combining fresh blackberries and sage with lemonade and bourbon for a drink you're going to want to make time and time again.  You can even omit the bourbon for a non-alcoholic version that's just as delicious and wonderful.  This recipe makes 2 cocktails, you can half it for a single serving or multiply it to make a pitcher of deliciousness to enjoy amongst friends too! 
- 1 pint of blackberries
- 1 bunch of sage
- 1 lemon
- lemonade (you can make your own, we used Santa Cruz Organic lemonade)
- your favorite bourbon
- a muddler
1. Wash the fresh fruit and herbs.  Cut the lemon into slices.
Remove the sage leaves from the stems + discard stems.
2. Muddle blackberries and sage, either in a bowl, or divide ingredients in half and muddle in the bottom of your cocktail glasses, leaving out a few berries and sage leaves for garnish.  If you've muddled your fruit in a bowl, scoop half of the mixture into each cocktail glass at this time.
3. If making the alcoholic version, pour one shot of your favorite bourbon into each glass (or more, hey we're not judging!).  If opting for the non-alcoholic version, you may skip this step.
4. Fill glass the rest of the way with your lemonade.
5. Garnish each glass with a fresh lemon slice, blackberries, and sage leaves.
6. Light up your Blackberry Sage candle, toast to life, and enjoy!
We hope that you absolutely love this fun, inspired cocktail and are as excited as we are about this exciting new way to try one of our favorite Candelles combinations!  If this combo sounds so good that you just can't wait to try it out, be sure to check out our Blackberry Sage candle, new in our recently released winter collection!  Blackberry sage is the Candle of the Week, which means you can take 20% off this fragrance with code "COTW-BS" now through Sunday, February 22nd.
Bottoms up, friends!  Let us know if you've made this cocktail on Instagram by tagging us @candelles, and #candellesmixandmatch - we'd love to toast to you!


  • Posted by Audrey on

    Love the idea of a candelles inspired drink! We plan to make it kid friendly when the weather warms up a bit more, or maybe the end of summer when blackberries are in season. Sounds delicious!
    Side note: #candellesmixandmatch is perfect!

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