We know that ordering a candle online when you can't hold it in your hands and take a big glorious whiff of its beautiful and complex fragrance can be a challenge.  We pour so much love into each and every candle that we make and strive to ensure that each time you light up a Candelles candle in your home it sparks joy.  Since the internet is yet to invent a feature where you can scratch and sniff through your screen, we've decided to do the next best thing - we've gathered some of our smitten customers customer and asked them to describe one of our favorite candles!
We invite you to read their wonderful descriptions, close your eyes, and allow yourself to imagine the beautiful fragrance that is our Pepperberry Greens candle! 

For those who love a festive and inviting punch bowl, this candle will leave you satisfied!


top - orange, pineapple, almond
middle - apricot, berries, greenery
base - vanilla

When asked to describe our Pepperberry Greens candle in their own words, 
here's what some of our customers had to say:

"It smells like a tropical fruit gusher!  Reminds me of the 90's. I love it."
- by Tiffany E. @tiffanyepiphany
"Fruit punch! It sounds weird, but that's how my whole family identified it."
- by Melanie V. @by_melanievallely
"Christmas sweets swirled with fresh, green scents."
- by Shanley R. @_shanrae
"It's definitely very Christmas punch. Fruity but not overbearing"
- by Jennifer M. @jennifernichole_122
"Citrus, spice, and everything nice meets a walk in winter woods."
- by A. Albinger @a_albinger

If you're finding yourself on the edge of your seat craving this sensational candle for yourself, you're not alone!  Shop our Pepperberry Greens candle here.  You can even use the coupon "OHTHATSMELL-PG" to take 20% off this candle in either size now through 12/31/20!
Have you ordered and experienced our Pepperberry Greens fragrance?  We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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