Our Best Tips For Holiday Hosting!

The holidays are so close we can almost taste them (or maybe that's just our stomachs rumbling from the thoughts of delicious holiday spreads and decadently delicious desserts awaiting us). Either way, this magical season is full of festive celebrations, spending time with loved ones from near and far, and making special memories to last a lifetime. Hosting family for the holidays is such a joy, though it can be a fair amount of work too, so today we're serving up our top five tips to ensure that you're the hostess with the mostest at your holiday get together!

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Make An Epic Food & Drink Menu

We truly believe that food is the heart of any holiday party. There's just something so special about gathering around the table with those that you love the most to enjoy a beautifully prepared meal. So to ensure that your holiday get together is one to be remembered, start by putting together a mouth-watering food and drink menu. You can find tons of great recipes on Pinterest, or break out Grandma's old cookbook for a more homestyle meal. Considering a signature drink for your gathering is also a great idea! We love creating a printable menu to include in table settings too for a personal touch - it really is all in the details.

Put on a Fun Playlist

Crank up the holiday spirit by turning on a holiday playlist full of jolly jams! To make it a little easier on you, we've even created the perfect playlist for all your holiday gatherings - check out Host With the Most by Candelles on Spotify for the best tunes to keep you and your guests rocking around the Christmas tree all night long!

Light Up A Holiday Candle!

Add a little extra magic to your home by lighting up your favorite holiday candles. Your guests will love the beautiful aroma, and you just can't beat the warm flicker of a glowing candle when it comes to adding a little extra cozy hygge to your home for the holidays. Our newest collection, The Holiday Collection is full of festive, nostalgic fragrances that you and your guests will absolutely love, including this fan favorite - Santa's Cookies. Pro Tip: light a candle in the bathroom to keep things feeling fresh and festive for your guests.

Use Storage Bins To Easily Tidy Up

For ease when setting up for, and cleaning up after your get together, we recommend using storage bins for your holiday decor, place settings, and other odds and ends that you'll need for the night. Keeping everything in one easy to grab and organized area will make the entire process of preparing for, and cleaning up after your get together so that you can simply enjoy the evening with your guests rather than stressing over the clean up after!

Relax, and Enjoy the Night!

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy yourself and don't stress. While we totally understanding wanting to make sure that everything is just right during your gathering, this is a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Trust that you've done a wonderful job, and remember that no one is going to notice if you didn't serve hors d'oeuvres right at 5:00. So relax, be present with your guests, and make magical holiday memories together.

Do you have any tried and true tips for hosting the perfect holiday get together? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to share peeks at all of your festive parties with us this holiday season by tagging us on Instagram @Candelles and #CandellesAtHome.


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