Finding The Perfect Kitchen Candle

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home: it's where we gather around and make some of our most cherished memories. We spend so much time in our kitchens each day, and many of us have even undergone a kitchen renovation to get this space in tip top shape and looking how we'd like, but have you ever given thought to what you wanted your kitchen to smell like?

Smell plays a huge role in our mood and how we experience a space, making it a very important thing to consider when curating our home environments.  Not only that, but scent has been proven to have a very close link with memory, meaning that those dreamy fragrances will help take you back to a perfect afternoon whipping up something special with your family time and time again. Lucky for you, good smells are kind of our area of expertise.  And today we're going to help you choose the perfect fragrance to help make your kitchen all the more magical.
a sage and apple pecan fragranced soy wax candle burns brightly in a beautiful kitchen setting
When it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen candle, you can't go wrong with a bright, fresh fragrance such as our  Sage Apple Pecan or Mint Nectarine candles. These deliciously fruity candles help to keep your kitchen smelling lively and clean and give you a burst of happy whenever you enter this space. 
an herbal chai tea candle sits brightly lit upon kitchen canisters with subway tile back splash
Herbal fragrances are also a great scent profile for your kitchen: these beautifully natural fragrances are great for setting the mood in your kitchen space.  When opting for an herbal candle, our Citrus & Thyme or Chai Tea candles really take the cake as perfect contenders for your new favorite kitchen candle!
a coffee fragranced freshy brewed candle atop a wooden butcher block countertop
Finally, you just can't go wrong with a sweet, food inspired candle in the kitchen.  Our personal favorite is Freshly Brewed. It's perfect for lighting up in the morning to give your kitchen that delicious coffee shop smell and help to give you that little extra burst of energy.
We asked our #CandellesCommunity what candles they can't get enough of for their kitchens, and here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

"Anything with citrus or sage" - @thegraytergood
"Freshly brewed!" - @withoutwavering
"Mint Nectarine" - @carly_vous
"Citrus and Thyme!" - @a_dilisio3

There are so many dreamy options when it comes to selecting the perfect fragrance for your kitchen, and the possibilities are truly endless.  We'd love to hear which candles you are lighting up in your kitchen!  When sharing on social media be sure to tag us @Candelles and #MyEverydayCandle so we can reshare your favorite kitchen candles too!


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