We could not be more excited to finally get to tell our favorite customers all about our first annual #CandellesHolidaySwap. With the holidays coming, what better way to get all cheery and bright than to swap some gifts and make new friends! We've already reached out to a handful of our favorite brands and bloggers to join in on the fun and now, we want you involved too!

Please read through all of the details below and if you have any questions or concerns, shoot us an e-mail at holidayswap@candelles.com!

- The Holiday Swap is currently limited to U.S residents only.

- We will be holding sign-ups as of Thursday, November 6th at 9AM EST (which is only two days away!)

- There will be a $20 fee to sign-up. This is mainly to weed out those who may initially sign-up and end up bailing. These funds will be used to help build back-up packages for those who may end up with a partner who still ends up bailing. However, for those of you who sign-up and keep your word, we will be sending you a Standard Mason candle as a thank you!

- You will sign-up at www.candelles.com and pay for your fee similarly to the way you buy a candle on our site. On Thursday, we will have a banner on our homepage that will link to the product listing for the sign-ups.

- Spots will be super limited. Because we already have about half of our spots filled, we will only be accepting about 25-30 additional spots. Don't delay on signing up!

- Within 24 hours after you pay your sign-up fee, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to provide us your RSVP information (your name, your address, your likes/dislikes) for us to pair you with your partner.

- Fees are nonrefundable, so please be sure to fill out your RSVP promptly. If you miss the deadline to RSVP, you are forfeiting your spot and your sign-up fee.

- Gift spending limit is $20-30.

- RSVP deadline will be November 15th. Packages will need to be shipped out no later than December 5th. 

- Once you have shipped your package, you will need to send your partner (and holidayswap@candelles.com) the tracking number so we can ensure the package is delivered without any issues.

- Once we see a delivery notification on your tracking number and receive no issues from your partner, you will be added to the list of recipients who will be getting a Standard Mason candle as your thank you gift for joining our exchange!

- We strongly encourage that you make your packages as beautiful and festive as possible! We also ask that you share maybe a sneak peek of the package you are sending or even a lovely post of the gifts you have received on Instagram, tagging your posts with #CandellesHolidaySwap. This way, we can not only see everyone's fun packages, but we can also feature some on our own Instagram!

We want to make this a great time and a fun project for all and we'd love for you to help make it truly a success. We've had an incredible year with the best customers we could ever ask for and cannot think of a better way to top it off!