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Five years ago, I purchased my first Candelles candle, almost to the day that I am writing this.

And, five years ago my life looked very different.

Over these past five years, I’ve worked on my side hustle, graduated with my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, got a job in the field, continued my side hustle, got engaged, became a therapist, and finally quit that job and decided to make my side hustle my main hustle last month! Through all of that, one thing remained the same. That was my love for Candelles.

Such a simple thing really, when you think about it, but what a constant in my life it was when everything else was changing. I’ve lived in four places in the last five years and at each house, I had my everyday candles with me to help make it a home.

Now that I am working from home full time, they are an even bigger part of my day and life.

I have very sensitive senses and good smells are a sense of joy for me. I love and notice so many different smells throughout my day. Now that I am inside most of the day, it is so nice to be able to bring some of my favorite scents inside too.

I am still very much getting used to my new routine of working for myself full time, but without a doubt, every morning before I sit down to drink my coffee, I light a candle. There is something about getting whiffs of that while I sew and work on orders that is so refreshing. Because Candelles releases such great seasonal collections, they often remind me what season it is without even going outside! I mean, isn’t the smell part of the reason your favorite season is your favorite? I have been enjoying the spring breeze from the window mixed with my Mint Nectarine candle.

If you’re like me, you’ll end up with plenty on hand. Mainly because I think the best part is the option to select the candle that you need for your particular mood. Having trouble getting work done? Try their FOCUS candle. Winding down at the end of your work day? Lavender Sage is a perfect go-to. Want to freshen up the kitchen quick and easy? Give Citrus and Thyme a light!

Working from home can be tough at times (hello distractions), but one of the major perks is being able to light a candle and really get in the flow.

Which candles do you light to help get you in your flow?


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