Amidst the Candelles Team, it’s safe to say that our favorite candles are constantly changing or shifting depending on what season it is and which collections are available. Here we’ve got a list of our team’s top five favorites for winter because let’s be real, the favorites could be completely different in a month’s time.

Teakwood and Tayberry comes to you in our new Black Label Collection and is the perfect scent to gear you up for spring! Picture a perfect picnic surrounded by the smell of distant trees, the aroma of lush grass, complete with a basket of delightful fruit. That’s exactly what this scent embodies. With notes of bamboo, teakwood, peach, bayberry and sweet grass, it’s perfectly bright and sweet without being too overwhelming.

Relax is from our new Necessities Collection and it is definitely a necessary addition for any candle lover. This candle takes you straight to the place of soothing relaxation and we recommend it for use during a nice hot bath or maybe even just some meditation time in your favorite space. This is the candle that brings the ultimate peaceful vibes!  With the beautiful combination of heliotrope and mandarine, blended with lavender, chamomile, neroli and musk, this scent will surround you with a serene calm.

Blackberry Sage is a bright addition to our Winter Collection! It combines the worlds of fruity and floral with a hint of spice to make this the perfect candle for freshening up any space on any winter day! It’s got blackberry, raspberry and orange zest for the ultimate fruity throw and added to that is plum, white sage, violet, rose petals, and nutmeg. To ultimately top it off, we’ve blended an earthy throw of sage leaves and clover. This one is not too sweet, it’s not too spicy it is just right!

Amber and Vanilla is a romantic selection from our Best Seller Collection, which means it’s available year round. However, it still embodies so many things that are perfect for the winter time. This candle brings an ambience of warm and sweet and makes getting and staying cozy a complete dream! With notes of amber, oakmoss, bergamot, violet, along with a hint of vanilla and musk, this scent is completely unisex and great for those who love a touch of masculinity in their scent choices! The floral and vanilla keeps it perfectly balanced and never overbearing, and we find it most fitting to brighten your gloomiest of days.

Cabin Getaway is one of our ultimate cozy candles and is also from our Best Sellers Collection, so it’s year round as well. Think cozying up in a tiny cabin up in the mountains, being warmed by a crackling fire, the softest blankets and a mug of something hot and delicious! You are surrounded by the warm aromas of cinnamon, the fresh scent of bayberries, cranberries and a nice citrusy orange zest. This candle is a dream escape and that’s exactly why we love it! Don’t take our word for it though, as our very best selling candle in our shop, you can read from over 60 raving reviews on its product listing!

Do you have a current favorite in our shop right now?  Please share below, as we would love to hear which scents you’re personally loving most!


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    I have getaway and the last of the pepperberry greens in my rotation, and a few more in my stash.

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