It may not feel like spring is on the horizon, but it is. Really. Trust me.

I know that can be hard to believe while you may quite literally be buried under a thousand inches of snow, but fact of the matter is, the days are getting longer and the calendar tells me that we are getting oh so close to warmer days.

One of my favorite ways to prepare for the fresh and bright days of spring is to begin getting my home ready. There’s something about the impending arrival of a new season that prompts me to start prepping to give it a proper welcome.

This may sound crazy but hear me out: one of my favorite things to do is open the windows for a couple minutes, even if it’s below freezing (I know I know, we can all hear our parents voice now, “I’m not paying to heat the outside, shut the windows!”) but those couple minutes let crisp air in and bring a literal breath of fresh air into the house. Everything seems to be a little bit happier (myself included) after I left some of that beauty from the outside come in.

I also like to swap out photos and prints in our home based on the season. That means when spring rolls around, I swap the photo of my cute little girls out playing in the snow with one from the spring kite fly from last year, or with the pictures from when we went to the amusement park and ate ice cream and popsicles all afternoon. It’s not only fun to reminisce, but adds to the “spring is on the horizon!” atmosphere to my home.

This is also the perfect time to declutter and re-organize a little bit. I start to put away some of the winter gear we shouldn’t need once the snow starts to melt. Disclaimer: no promises here though. There have been plenty of times where I’ve had to dig items back out, but I still like when my home is putting off all the spring vibes more than the cabin fever forever vibes. So, get out the spring jackets, and stash away our scarves until we need them next year. If there’s anything that gives me hope that we’ve almost made it through another winter, it’s doing this!

Bringing some of the outdoors in is another great way to transform your home. Plants are a staple in my house and we have at least one plant in every single room of our home year round. But come March, I love adding fresh flowers into this mix as well. The pops of color, the light floral aroma, the feeling that flowers inevitably carry with them all help make my home ready to embrace all things spring!

Finally, while I’m a warm and cozy candle lover at heart, I love having a chance to incorporate some more seasonal fragrances into my candle burning rotation. I’m currently obsessed with our Wildberry White Tea candle, which has a nice, creamy undertone but with bright notes of berry, making it perfect to light as we begin the slow but steady transition from winter to spring.

I know there has to be more ways than this, so tell me if you do anything special to prep your home for the changing seasons? I’d love to add to my list!


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    I like to swap out our throw pillows and stash away the heavy blankets. Love your idea of changing out family pictures! Going to get some prints ordered and do that asap!

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