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Although it’s been a mild one, Connecticut winters seem to stretch on and on.  It’ll stay chilly through March (and most of April), so today I’m teaming up with Candelles to share a few of my favorite ways to keep things cozy at home for the last little bit of winter!

1) LIGHT A CANDLE – Of course! So many of Candelles scents are fragrances that can be burned year round. My current favorites are Sweetheart (on sale!), Chai Tea, and of course Amber & Vanilla. There’s just something so soothing about having a candle burning quietly while it’s still chilly out – an added bonus is a fresh scent that reminds you spring is coming!

2) WASH YOUR THROWS  Cause if you’re like me, you’ve been snuggled under them all winter long and they could do with a good wash. Plus then they’ll be nice and warm from the dryer when you crawl back under them!

3) SPRITZ AROUND THE ROOM  Although you can wash the throws you can’t exactly throw the couch in the wash. I like to spritz my sheets and the couch with Candelles room sprays to freshen them up, my favorites mists are here and here!

4) GET A PLANT  Even if it’s fake. Adding a little of greenery to any room livens it up but also makes the space feel “lived in”.  My fiddle leaf fig didn’t survive the winter, so no shame if you choose a fake. A snake plant will survive anything though, so if you don’t have a green thumb I highly recommend one of these beauties!

5) DON'T BE ASHAMED IF YOU'RE STILL IN LOUNGEWEAR –  Like at allembrace it. A few short weeks from now, the weather will flip and we all will miss our favorite pair of sweats when it’s too hot to sport em!

Is it still cold where you are?! I only ask because I know some of you don’t live in the Northeast, so Spring is probably much closer (or already here!) for some of ya.  Also I have a surprise! Candelles and I are giving away a $50 gift card to stock up on goodies from their site! To enter see the instructions on Insta here + leave a comment on this post for an extra entry!


  • Posted by Amy Cooley on

    I really enjoy winter and the chance to be cozy at home. Candelles definitely helps to create that perfect atmosphere!

  • Posted by Kelly Plowman on

    All great ideas that I love to do during the winter!

  • Posted by Chelsea W on

    It’s been sleeting here today, so it’s been cold and windy and nasty yuck!! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

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