Mix & Match: Sweet Grapefruit

Have you ever found yourself exploring the pages of our website and thinking "my goodness, this candle fragrance sounds almost good enough to eat!"?  Well, friends - you're not the only ones!  We put tremendous intention into curating unique and delicious fragrances that dance in the background of your life, but as we pour our candles in candleland we too recognize that these delicious pairings deserve to be experienced in more ways than one, which is how we got the crazy idea to craft a custom cocktail inspired by one of our favorite spring candles: Sweet Grapefruit! 

a sweet grapefruit fragranced candle burns brightly sitting atop a table new two custom crafted grapefruit cocktails
If you love grapefruit you are going to LOVE our fun + fresh take on a classic Paloma.  This cocktail is sweet, fruity, and bursting with bright citrus flavor just like our sweet grapefruit candle - it has us dreaming of a sunny spring picnic with this delicious drink in hand! This recipe also makes for a great mocktail if you're looking to wow your kiddos with a fun beverage, or wanting to go boozeless yourself, simply omit the tequila!  However you choose to enjoy it, we know one thing for certain: you're definitely going to enjoy it!  This recipe makes 2 cocktails, feel free to cut in half if enjoying alone, or double up if entertaining a group!
a beautiful grapefruit candle burns brightly surrounded by supplies needed to make a delicious custom candelles inspired cocktail


- grapefruit juice
- lime juice
- simple syrup
- soda water of your choice (we opted for hibiscus La Croix)
- tequila
- fresh lime for garnish


1. Fill each glass approximately 1/3 of the way with grapefruit juice, add 1 TBSP lime juice, 1 TBSP simple syrup, a splash of soda water, and 1 shot of tequila (if making the alcoholic version). 
2. Stir, then garnish with a slice of lime.
3. Raise your glasses and cheers to life!
a sweet grapefruit candelles candle burns brightly with supplies for a custom cocktail nearby
We hope that you absolutely love this fun, inspired cocktail and are as excited as we are about this exciting new way to try one of our favorite Candelles combinations!  If this combo sounds so good that you just can't wait to try it out, be sure to check out our Sweet Grapefruit candle, new in our recently released spring collection!  
Bottoms up, friends! Let us know if you've made this cocktail on Instagram by tagging us @candelles, and #CandellesMixAndMatch - we'd love to toast to you!


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