A Day In The Life: Emma Potter

Every once in a while while scrolling through Internetland we'll stumble across a lady who is living her best life - who is authentically herself, bringing joy to the world, and whose love for Candelles shines so brightly we can't help but be pulled in and want to know more -- that's exactly how we feel about Emma Potter. 
Emma Potter is a wife and mother to two absolutely adorable littles who loves cappuccinos, linen, and springtime.  Her Instagram account @emilyne_potter serves up the sweetest glimpse into her home, heart, and precious family moments.
We wanted to get to know more about Emma - what does a typical day look like in her world?  We are so excited that she was willing to share exactly that with us!

6:30am: Eoin cosleeps with us, so he wakes me up, and then Georgia wakes up and joins us all for a few snuggles in bed.
7am: We all go downstairs, my husband prepares to leave for work while I make coffee and the kids play in their playroom.
7:30am: Hubby (Dan) leaves for work and I make breakfast for the kids and I, which usually is whole grain pancakes or eggs/bacon/toast.
8am: We sit down and eat together.
8:30am: I clean up breakfast and start tidying up the kitchen and first floor. I often light a candle at this time and turn on some music to brighten our morning!
 9am - 10am: I take the kids upstairs to play in Georgia's room while I tidy up, start laundry, and take a quick shower. If we need a grocery trip, this is when we go.
10am - 10:30am: Snack for Eoin before he goes down for a nap, I make my daily Instagram post and catch up on there.
11am: Eoin's naptime
11am - 1pm: Georgia and I have quality time while Eoin naps. Sometimes I read her books, play outside, play with her dollhouse, do a craft or create a "masterpiece" as she calls it, clean her room with her, etc. We also have lunch together.
1pm: Georgia's quiet time. We read a couple books and I encourage her to play quietly, read, or nap.
1pm-3pm: Eoin wakes up and we have quality time. He gets another snack and plays downstairs while I finish cleaning up. I often work on a project like painting or crafting, or work on my content for Instagram. If I haven't lit a candle yet, then I do now!
3:30-4pm: both kids are awake so we play outside on the deck when it's nice or do something else together. 
4pm-5pm: Dan comes home and he often makes dinner because he enjoys cooking. We will open a bottle of wine together and talk about our day.
5:30pm: We all sit down for dinner and clean up a bit afterwards
6-7:15pm: we either have a movie night for Georgia where we pick out a movie for her or we watch our choice tv show together while the kids play. Eoin nurses on and off during this time and we all get cozy in our pajamas. This is our special family time!
7:15pm: I put Eoin down for bed after reading him a book
7:30pm: Georgia brushes her teeth and Dan and I prepare her for bed, read her some books, and pray with her before she sleeps.
7:30 - 9:30pm: Sometimes Dan and I spend this time together having a special cocktail + movie night but often we go our own way for our introvert time. He smokes a cigar and listens to podcasts while I watch a show or read a book and take a bath/relax in my bed. If I do take a bath, you can count on there being several candles lit at that point to help create a cozy atmosphere!

We are so incredibly grateful for this peek into Emmas's world.  This sweet mama is an absolute super star!  If you've loved getting to know Emma as much as we have, be sure to follow along with her on Instagram @emilyne_potter!


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