Packing The Perfect Spring Picnic

Spring is in the air friends, and with that comes one of our favorite things: picnic season! I don't know about you, but I've always found something so magical about packing a basket full of goodness and setting off on an adventure to enjoy a special meal in a beautiful place with someone near and dear to you. Today we're going to dive into our best tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect picnic! Whether you're setting off with your honey or your favorite group of gal pals, these tips will ensure your picnic is sweet, memorable, and goes off without a hitch!

Step One: Gather The Essentials

First up, gather all the goodies that you'll be taking with you! A few of our tried and true picnic essentials include: a picnic basket, blanket, yummy snacks, a delicious beverage, any cups, plates, and flatware you may need, a bag for trash, an umbrella, a fun activity to enjoy like a good book or a frisbee, sunglasses, sunblock, flowers, a camera to capture those special moments, and of course your favorite candle! 

Step Two: Let's Talk Food

Now that you've gathered up your supplies, let's get into the real reason we're all here: the grub! When planning a meal for a picnic, cold foods are best! A few of our favorites include: fresh fruit and veggies, pinwheels, crackers and hummus,  a yummy salad, and of course a dessert! We also like to pack up some delicious drinks for our picnics, and some great options include: champagne or wine, fruity iced tea, fresh juice or lemonade, and of course be sure to pack up plenty of water!

Step Three: Location, Location, Location

I am personally just a short drive from Lake Michigan, so with the beautiful beaches and amazing views so close by, location is sort of a no brainer for me.  Other incredible picnic spots include: local natural areas, community parks, sports fields, and even your own backyard! Wherever you choose will be absolutely magical for your picnic.
Step Four: Get Packing and Go Go Go
So you've got your goodies gathered, your food and drinks prepared, and your perfect location scoped out. Now pack up those goodies and let's go on an adventure!

Step Five: Set It Up And Enjoy

This is my favorite part of all! Once you've arrived to your location, it's time to set up the picnic of your dreams. I tend to be a little extra when it comes to this, wanting to create a really sweet and magical vibe for my picnic adventures. Lay out your blanket and start to set up your picnic. I like to bring along pretty flowers and light up my favorite candle to really set the mood. I think the best candles for picnics are bright, fresh fragrances such as our Kiwi Lemongrass, Strawberry & Guava, or Cactus Flower. They add such a sweet, lively component to any picnic! 

Now it's time to sit back, dig in, and enjoy the magical moment you've created! We hope you've enjoyed these fun tips to create a dreamy picnic this season! If you're inspired to embark on a picnic adventure of your own, be sure to tag us @candelles so we can see too and share your perfect picnic on social media!

Do you have any fun picnic tips we may have missed?
Leave them in the comments below so we can get even more inspired!


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