A Day In The Life: Megh Wingenfeld

Every once in a while while scrolling through Internetland we'll stumble across a lady who is living her best life - who is authentically herself, bringing joy to the world, and whose love for Candelles shines so brightly we can't help but be pulled in and want to know more -- that's exactly how we feel about Megh Wingenfeld. 
Megh is a plant and gardening blogger living between her cozy Brooklyn apartment and dreamy flower farm in Cleveland. She's happiest when decorating her home for the holidays, baking a pumpkin pie from a squash she grew herself, or picking flowers from her garden to fill a new vase with. Megh shares inspiring and educational plant and gardening tips on her blog and Instagram, and we truly can't get enough of this green-thumbed babe!
We wanted to get to know more about Megh - what does a typical day look like in her world? We are so excited that she was willing to share exactly that with us!

7:30 AM Wake up and take my Pomeranian Ponyboy for a walk through our Brooklyn neighborhood Greenpoint. We meet my husband Zac for coffee around the corner at Grumpy’s and walk back home together. 

8:30 AM Get home and turn on the Today Show. Zac and I each chose a Candelles candle to burn during our work day. While quarantining in NYC last year, we really found that candles to help us stay focused and comfortable, so they have become part of our daily routine. This morning I go with the scent Peony Blossoms!

9:00 AM Post to Instagram, respond to DMs, start checking my email. As a home & garden content creator, the springtime is super busy for me. Everyone is eager to start gardening and I love sharing tips & tricks with my followers.  

11 AM-1PM The middle of my day really depends on what day it is, but today I am volunteering with my local mutual aid group and delivering lunches to my neighbors. During the pandemic our community really came together to help each other out and we’ve continued to do so during this recovery stage.

1:30 PM Make lunch and check Instagram. I’m getting ready to launch my home & garden online boutique soon, so I need to make sure I will be available when the merch is delivered. And of course I will be carrying Candelles candles! I also have to plan for my garden’s soil and plant deliveries this week.


2:00 PM Start working on floral arrangements and decor for tonight’s dinner. My friend Christina is turning 32, but always wanted to celebrate her quinceañera… so we’re going to make it happen! I’m using Frida Khalo, the beautiful flowering plants in Mexico City, and the colors of papel picado for inspiration. I purchased brightly colored carnations, statice, birds of paradise, freesia, and protea flowers from my favorite bodega. Plus, mini piñatas and colorful table runners to pull together the whole vibe at dinner. 

4:30 PM Pack up all the décor and get in a cab to Bushwick. We’re all meeting for the birthday dinner at Mesa Azteca. I set up our table on the patio for 15 people and patiently await all the guests! 

6:00 PM Christina arrives and it's time for margaritas and tacos! 

8:00 PM Zac and I leave the party and head back to Greenpoint. Its time to burn another candle, (this time I chose Favorite Sweater!) watch the rest of whatever Netflix show I’m binging (The Circle!) and get ready for bed. Thanks for spending the day with me!

We are so incredibly grateful for this peek into Megh's world.  This gardening gal is an absolute goddess! If you've loved getting to know Megh as much as we have, be sure to follow along with her blog Megh Wingenfeld and on Instagram at @meghwingenfeld.


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