Candle of the Week

We've been really wanting to curate a blog around our candles, so we're excited to bring you our first weekly post! Many times we get asked "What does [insert scent here] smell like?" And, while we do have descriptions in the product listings, we figured it'd be nice to give some select candles some individual attention and make their scents come to life a little.

So, introducing our first Candle of the Week, I bring to you [drum rolllllllllll please....]:

Orange Chili Pepper


Orange Chili Pepper is a scent for the bold and adventurous, for those who dare to cross the line sometimes. Okay, maybe not with so much emotion, but it's the perfect fusion combo that'll make your senses tingle with joy. It's fresh and crisp and will fill your whole house with a happy, clean aroma. Though, that kick, the chili peppers, they make you remember you like to kick some butt. Or, something.

But you want to know WHAT EXACTLY gives it that boost, well, then fine. Our essential oils start with a blend of ripe and juicy Valencia oranges, a hint of bergamot, and some tangerine zest. And that kick we speak of, that's made from ground pepper, fiery chili peppers,  and sheer musk. 

Our Orange Chili Pepper candle is one of our newest, which came out with our Summer Collection. We currently have it for sale in both the 16 oz. standard mason jar or an 8oz. travel tin. All this week, you can get our Orange Chili Pepper mason jar or tin at 25% off using coupon code "WEEKLYOCP". (Offer ends Sunday, June 8 at 11:59 EST.)

We'll be posting a new candle every Monday, so be on the look out for our next feature. And, maybe, just maybe a good deal on it too!