To get our Candle of the Week's back in action, we're introducing our newest, and one of our absolute favorite candles of all time: Cinnamon Bun!

This week we wanted to bring another scent that hasn't been in our shop prior. Well, it has, but not in a jar! Many many many of you have requested our Lemon Lavender in our standard mason jar, so here it is!

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It's Monday again, which means we've selected one of our candles to be in the spotlight for the week, so you can get to know it, you know, personally. This week we've selected Cucumber Melon.

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Candle of the Week

We've been really wanting to curate a blog around our candles, so we're excited to bring you our first weekly post! Many times we get asked "What does [insert scent here] smell like?" And, while we do have descriptions in the product listings, we fig...