Candle of the Week: Lemon Lavender

This week we wanted to bring another scent that hasn't been in our shop prior. Well, it has, but not in a jar! Many many many of you have requested our Lemon Lavender in our standard mason jar, so here it is!

Lemon Lavender is fresh and completely lovely. The soothing blend of lavender notes lightly blended with eucalyptus and a fresh citrus blend of lemons and a subtle hint of orange. This candle is absolutely perfect at keeping your home smelling beautiful.

You can still find our Lemon Lavender candle in our Lemon Pack, which includes three 8oz. tins scented with: Lemon Poppyseed, Lemon Meringue, and Lemon Lavender. But, for this week only, we're offering a pre-order for our Lemon Lavender in our 16oz. standard mason jar and at 25% off.

To pre-order our Lemon Lavender candle, you can find it here. Orders will only be accepted June 23rd-June 29th and all candles will be shipped out on July 7th.