Candle Of The Week: Toasted Marshmallow

With Independence Day just passing, what could be a better Candle Of The Week than Toasted Marshmallow? Summers filled with bonfires and s'mores, it's a summer best! 

Originally concocted for Tumbleweed Handcraft's summer event #camptumbleweeds, our Toasted Marshmallow is one of the sweetest candles out there. 

Smooth, sugary top notes with a subtle campfire flavor to give off the perfect aroma for your sweet marshmallows toasting over an open fire.

You can preorder a 16 oz. Toasted Marshmallow soy candle today through Sunday, July 13th here. It's another limited edition candle made specifically for our Candle Of The Week and will not be sold in our shop after a new candle is featured. Though, because it's a Candle Of The Week, you can purchase it all week at 25% off our original standard mason jar candle price.



- K