Candle of the Week: Cinnamon Bun

To get our Candle of the Week's back in action, we're introducing our newest, and one of our absolute favorite candles of all time: Cinnamon Bun!
Cinnamon Bun is one of our first ever candles made. When we relaunched Candelles in November of 2013, Cinnamon Bun, along with Vanilla Maple and Pomegranate Cider were our best-sellers all Fall season, and for obvious reasons.
With it's delicious scent throw of cinnamon sugar, blending so perfectly with a vanilla-base of the rich, flaky bun and sugary frosting, we often get told it's almost too good to eat. Lucky for you, when you're having a craving, rather than feeling guilty after eating one or maybe four buns, you can light this baby up instead and save the calories.
So, because we love our Cinnamon Bun candle so much, we're making it our first Candle of the Week for the Fall season! Starting today through August 31st, our Standard Mason Cinnamon Bun candles are 25% off when you use code "CINNAMONWEEKLY".


NOTE :: I am not really a baker at all, and these Cinnamon Buns are definitely from Wegman's bakery.