A Guide to Transitioning from Summer to Fall Scents

Even though we are slightly biased when we say Fall is our favorite season, we have full admiration for every season, along with the memories and traditions that accompany each month. We especially appreciate the specific scents, flavors, and colors that are connected to each season, as they make the season even more special. This is the main reason why our collections are seasonal.

We are so very excited to break out our new, fresh Fall fragrances, but we also can’t help but feel a little sentimental when packing away the candles that we've have been burning all summer long, as it feels like we are also packing up the memories attached to each of them.

Since we know we're not the only ones who feels this way, to ease the transition, we've decided that instead of completely swapping our a summer scent for something more fall-like, we're going to mix and match them a bit, so we can burn what's left of our summer smell goods at the same time as we light up our fall favorites for the first time this year.

Is your Toasted Marshmallow candle running low from burning it all summer long? Consider mixing the lasts of this summertime scent with our newest sweet and creamy Pumpkin Souffle! Equally warm and comforting, our go-to pumpkin candle nods to the fall season through its perfect spice and earthy base. Trust me, as soon as you light it for the first time, you'll be *fall*ing in love!

We know when it comes to those who love a good fruity scent, our citrusy and bright Lemon Poppyseed is a summer staple! But with autumn approaching, consider pairing it up with Pomegranate Cider for some autumnal fruity spice. This delicious fall scent beautifully pairs sweet hints of pomegranate, strawberry, and apple with classic spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for a refreshing and comforting candle.

Our Coconut Milk candle is the essence of summer with its fruity and earthy notes. However, as fall approaches you may be looking for a different candle that is not so tropical in fragrance. If you are still wanting a candle with an earthy base, try mixing it up our County Fair candle! This candle checks all the boxes with hints of apple and cinnamon, while maintaining those earthy notes through cedar and pine.

We hope you enjoy these pairings and if you burn any of these together, be sure to share it on Instagram by tagging us @Candelles or use our hashtag #CandellesAtHome so we can share it with our followers!


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