Black Friday Is Coming Early

Black Friday will be looking a little different this year. It won't be all about fun sales for us, but rather a last ditch attempt at saving what we can of Candelles. Because we've been really struggling. And I feel like I sound like a broken record about that, but yes, still. So much so, that the possibly of us keeping our doors open past this holiday season is looking less and less likely as each day passes.

You see, we know the economy is hurting. We're all hurting, and the rippling effect of that is immense. We're all shopping less to treat ourselves and focusing more essentials. We get it. But understanding that doesn't prevent our lovely retailers from closing their doors— which leads to a significantly reduced wholesale revenue for us. It also doesn't prevent our customers from cherishing their candles a little longer so they can hold off on a launch and wait for a sale, or because they can't afford to restock at all. That also leads to a significant reduction in retail sales.

When I say significant, I mean that our October sales are just 20% of what they were in 2021, and only 13% compared to 2020.

This recession has been absolutely crushing, and instead of celebrating 10 years in business this week, we are considering shutting down entirely and I am bracing myself for that. To say that thought breaks my heart into a million little pieces would still be a huge understatement.
So yeah. Black Friday. We'll have candles on sale and scents we haven't had in some time make their return. However, this may unfortunately be more of a liquidation sale and one of our lasts.
Now more than ever, please consider supporting small this holiday season. Target will survive. Amazon will survive. But your favorite hand-poured candle company, your go-to headband queen, or your favorite artist who designs those quirky cards that you love to give out for everyone's birthday— they need you. Desperately. 
More sales details to follow.
(Send hugs.)


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